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Welcome to Midnight Sun Festival

“Music Sun Festival” is an electronic music, art and nature festival that will take place on the majestic islands around the world. Located in spectacular environments all over the globe, we invite the global family to join us on an adventure the world have never seen before. Combining cutting-edge electronic music and art with arctic nature and wildlife, our vision is to create a unique festival experience where people from all over the world can come together and celebrate the mystery and beauty of the Music Sun Festival. The Sun is almost always present. Only at night it moves a little bit towards the horizon.

Originally created within the Arctic Circle, summer here means the coming of the age of the never-ending sunlight… For months, darkness never falls… The midnight sun shines from the sky for days on end, never descending further than for a long, tender twilight caress of a horizon ablaze in rose and golden flames… promising night but delivering dawn… Under these constantly luminous skies summer is celebrating conquering winter with a crescendo of life in full jubilant bloom… Soaked in the full strength of the Light, the glacier peaks are melting, the mountains blossom, the sea eagles spread their wings and sail in the warm breeze, and we – the children of Oden, we feel the energy rekindling our ancient urge to gather the tribes, to dance and celebrate life, ‘done ever since the dawn of mankind…


Spooky holiday-themed festivals you shouldn’t miss

Everybody loves holidays because there are so many exciting and interesting things that we get to do during the holidays. There are some people who love having fun during the holidays such as going to a park or a festival. There are many others who love going to several adventures places to enjoy the amazing moments.

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the amazing festivals that you must attend during the holiday because these festivals are filled with lots of entertainment and they allow you to enjoy your holidays and have fun. We’ll preferably discuss the festivals that have some spooky theme in them because such kind of festivals are more appealing as compared to the traditional festivals.

There are many holiday festivals that are organized around the world on several occasions. Let’s take a look at these spooky holiday-themed festivals that you must attend to enjoy the holidays.

Halloween festivals

Halloween is one of the most popular events when different festivals are arranged all around the world. Halloween is an international event and people from all around the world celebrate this event in a different style. Everyone knows that Halloween is the event when people try different activities to scare others because this event is all about fear and scare.

That’s why a huge number of festivals are arranged all around the world during this amazing event. Halloween Horror Nights with Jason is one of the amazing examples of the festivals that take place on Halloween.

Dia de Los Muertos

It is another amazing and incredible festival that is organized in Mexico right after the Halloween. You’ll be able to see a wide range of scary creatures and things during this festival.

This event is also known as the Day of the Dead. This is the day when families and friends gather to encourage those who have passed on. People go to the cemeteries during this festival to clean the graves of their loved ones and they also fix the things that need to be fixed.

The flowers of the dead, marigolds and skeleton motifs are included in the celebrations that are held for around 3 days. During this event, you can also find the special day of the dead bread and different sugar skulls at the holy places.

The Hungry Ghost Festival

This festival is celebrated in China on the seventh month of the Lunar calendar. It is a tradition of Taoists and Buddhists. The concept behind this festival is similar to Halloween as they also believe that the spirits come to visit the earth at this time of the year. That’s why most of the people go to visit the graves of their loved ones and they also offer several gifts to them.

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They burn the false paper money and offerings on the roadside for the roaming spirits. As the name relates, they leave the food for the spirits so they can eat and enjoy the meal.