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The Best Music Festivals Around The World

Posted by on Nov 19, 2017

The Best Music Festivals Around The World

Music festivals is among the most thrilling and exciting events that are taking the world by storm. It is a community event that involves live performances and is often presented with a musical theme including musical genre, nationality or culture. Music festivals is oriented towards singing and instrument playing and are commonly held outdoors or in large music theaters with a stage for the performances. Music festivals host millions of visitors and music fans each year who come to get entertained and get a chance to see and even interact with the big names in the music industry. Most of the fans come to watch the live performance and learn the art of music. Among the best music festivals in the world include:

The Burning Man Festival, Nevada

Nevada is a city which is known for a vibrant nightlife and is dedicated to art and self-expression. A good number of music fans troop to Nevada each year to attend the most thrilling music festivals on the planet. The festival was started in 1986 after two friends decided to burn two improvised wooden man while a curious crowd watched. The burning happened each year and attracted many people and it eventually turned into a music festival which is held annually with a different theme each year.

Coachella Music Festival

Coachella is a music festival that is held in April in California, USA where people dress in Coachella fashion that includes unique flower crowns. This festival is one of the best in the United States and the world at large with the festival being held at the Coachella valley on the desert’s polo ground. This festival attract hundreds of notable artists with big names in the showbiz industry, not mentioning the thousands of music fans who come to grace and enjoy the occasion.

Glastonbury Festival, United Kingdom

This is a five-day music extravaganza which was founded by Michael Eavis to commemorate the counterculture movements of 1960’s. The festival is synonymous with its pyramid stage and is among the few festivals that experience gigantic crowds.

The Fuji Rock Festival, Japan

The first Fuji Rock festival was held in 1997 at the base of Mount Fuji and that is where the festival derived its name from. It is among the breathtaking festivals globally with fans getting a chance to be carried by Dragondola which is the largest ski lift in the world. The attendees are carried up the mountain by the gondola to overlook the festival site.

Benicassim International Festival, Spain

This is one of the best music festivals around the world which is hosted on beaches with party-oriented atmosphere. The festival takes place just outside the city of Barcelona and is held late in the evening which draws a lot of partying, dancing and other enjoyments for people of diverse music taste.

Mowazine Festival, Morroco

Also known as Rhythms of the World, the Mowazine festival is among the best in the world. It is the largest music festival held in Africa and was the talk of town when it hosted notable artists in 2016 which included Chris Brown, Wyclef Jean, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera and many others. Apart from the music festival, visitors also come to see the beauty and culture of Africa.

Music is considered as the healer of the soul and therefore these music festivals presents entertainment, enjoyment and even relaxation to its fans. Many people attend these festivals just to get out of their normal routine and relax their minds.

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