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So you want to come to the Midnight Sun Festival, but you fear that the weather will be to extreme, that Norway is too expensive or that or that you will be eaten up by a killer whale.

That’s why we decided to make this special “arctic survival guide” for you, to show how your stay above the polar circle can be cheap, comfortable, and off course, fun. First off all, it is surprisingly cheap and easy to get to the location, as you can read in the travel section. Now that you got yourself to the location, it is our hope that all of you will stay as comfortable as possible. While the festival will take place far north, the temperatures are quite nice compared to the latitude.

Generally the temperatures will stay between 10 – 20 degrees, with 7,4 degrees being the lowest recorded temperature in 2013. In other words, hope for nice summer temperatures, but be prepared for rain, wind and cold.The key to this can be described in three words; wool, wool and wool. This is what the fishermen in Norway have been using at all times, and it is what you should be using to ensure a pleasant festival experience. The reason for this is that wool will keep you warm even if you get wet and that its breathability makes it so you never overheat. Ideally, this should be combined with a water­proof jacket and a good pair of boots. It can be quite windy at the location, so keep this in mind when you are setting up your tent. Use rocks to make sure your tent don’t fly away!

You have probably all heard that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. While this certainly is true, there is a few easy steps you can make in order to not go bankrupt at the Midnight Sun Festival. The two most important things is to not spend money on expensive restaurants and hotels. According to Norwegian law you are allowed to put up your tent anywhere, as long as it is 100 meter away from someones house.In other words, bring a tent and a sleeping bag, and you don´t have to spend anything on accomodation while you`re in Norway. As restaurants are expensive and street food is limited, it is a good idea to make your own food. There will be a community kitchen at the festival area, and you are all welcome to use it.

The local supermarket in Værøy has all the basic stuff, but if you want something special it would be a good idea to get this in Bodø. We will post a list on Facebook with prices on selected items later to give you an idea about how much you will have to spend. It should be no problem to spend less than 10 euros per day in food and non-­alcoholic drinks as long as you know what to get. Inside the festival prices for food and drinks will be much lower than in the rest of Norway, and we will make sure to always have low­-cost (3­5euros) options available. Water is free anywhere in Norway and taste nice. Also keep in mind that the supermarket in Værøy only sell beer, so if you want to buy wine or hard liquor you have to get this at “vinmonopolet” in Bodø. You are allowed to bring 1 litre of hard liqor, 1,5 litres of wine and 2 litres of beer into the country. Everything in Bodø is in walking distance from the harbor.